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Another month down and we done sorting through so you know what to play and today we have best new ios and android games of November 2016. As always a quick note will do the 10 best free ios and android games on a later date as usual

F1 2016 by codemasters this is a really pretty F1 game that has a bit of a simulator feel to it but plays a little bit more like how you’d expect a mobile arcade racer game to play. The controls are not loose but not tight and I’m sure there are going to be at least a few people out there that preferred controls exactly like this game to a lot of other racing games and it has a lot of really good connectivity options with new weekly challenges. It’s 999 but this is the kind of game that would get bogged down horrificly by freemium crap i will say it requires a bit of power from your phone and if you’re dealing with an underpowered maybe mid-range model you might have some issues when you want a solid very pretty racing game for your mobile platform i think is the way to go from.


Batman the Tell-Tale series episode 4 it’s an episode that manages to shoehorn the Joker in without making me hate it. It’s interesting to see completely new take on the Joker as well because to be completely honest where he Fletcher’sJoker got a lot of attention. Mark hamill’s Joker has now pretty much taken all of that attention nothing against his Joker’s actually. Phenomenal he is pretty much the ultimate Joker that being said points for trying this episode’s essentially functions to ratchet up the tension that’s going on in Batman and essentially just sort of destabilize. Bruce throughout the course of the story until the very end where there is a very big decision to make and that’s the spoiler free version if I go further we can start ruin anything is worth it I enjoyed it a lot and I’m always happy to the Joker.



Eisenhorn : Xenos which is essentially an action RPG that plays out in the warhammer 40k universe. It’s an adaptation of the first novel in a trilogy and if you’ve got a high-end and/or new phone this is one of the better action games you’re going to play on it that being said it is graphically intensive and I would say not even a I mid-range phone is gonna handle it’s a very good-looking game maybe not current change in console quality graphics but previous gen I would say it definitely does compared.



Football Manager mobile 2017 which sega does a great job revamping the user interface to make it much more friendly. This time around and being this isn’t a particularly graphically intensive app having a good user interface isdefinitely a big must. If you’re interested in the management style of gameplay football game this is probably going to be the absolute most in depth and enjoyable version of that type of gameplay. Certainly there are flash ear ones but it’s clear that Sega takes feedback very seriously and has worked very hard creating a very good version of this game.




Demons Rise 2 which is a game that massively benefited from the fact that Demons Rise one was not that well reviewed they were actually quite a few issues with the game itself but the developer took it upon itself to really work on making the best strategy RPG they could out of it. They took a lot of feedback on board through a lot of reviews and continually updated the game in order to make it more like what it should’ve been and it worked out and it also built the base of Demons Rise to Lords of chaos. This is perhaps the best possible outcome in one of these game was released in unfinished state scenarios where the sequel comes out with all the benefit it’s a great strategy game completely new cast. Basically new story not that different from the originals gameplay after all the tinkering meaning. It’s a great game so if you like strategy RPGs this is definitely one to play.

Yankai’s Triangle which is a really really pretty puzzle game it seems like in the puzzle genre people basically try to create the absolute prettiest representation of a unique mechanic they possibly can and that’s essentially the game and this is not different from that formula however when somebody hits it with a good mechanic and let’s be completely straight here this game does it’s very worth it, it revolves around triangles and matching the three points of the triangle to a smaller triangle through rotation and sliding and if you’re confused about what that means like it’s literally exactly what I just said there’s nothing else to it. It doesn’t have a higher learning curve you can get a little difficult but not too much and it’s really satisfying and visually gorgeous.

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