Photos of MELANIA TRUMP Good or What?

With the 2016 presidential election in the spotlight around the world, it’s hard to keep certain things a secret. Like, Clinton’s emails or Trump’s Twitter rants. And when it comes to being the potential first lady of the free world, Melania Trump just couldn’t keep her buried all passed away from the public eye. Here are some photos of Melania,  Trump wishes we’d forget.


Metal Bikini
If Trump wins the presidency, it is safe to say that Milania will be the first First Lady to Don a metal and fur bikini. While posing for british GQ, Milania had several shots that are sure to have Trump on his toes. This isn’t exactly what we think of when we think of the president’s wife, but we can all admit that this photo is pretty hot.



internetLacy Underwear
This photo of a lingerie-clad Milania on her knees makes us forget she speaks five different languages. Sure she may be showing off her best assets but there isn’t really anything presidential about this photo. Unless you channel some JFK and Marilyn Monroe vibes, Trump’s evangelical voters are probably thrilled about seeing their potential first lady in such a lovely spread.



Deep V Dress
Another beautiful photo for milania’s british GQ photoshoot makes the list. This time she is rocking a very revealing deep v dress. If we can even really call it a dress. Imagine how much hotter air force one will be if Trump and Milania take over.







Silver Cockpit
This futuristic and scantily-clad photo was published in 2000 while Milania was dating Trump, and the cockpit in the background is from Trump’s private jet. Though they are probably still jetting around the country in their private jet, Milania has managed to keep yourself covered while on the campaign trail. As for Donald keeping these photos covered, he hasn’t had much luck.

Thong and Gun
This picture of Melania Trump started popping up everywhere during the Republican primaries. It shows a gun-toting Milania taking aim while sporting a racy thong. Because nothing says America like guns and women in barely-there clothing.






In the summer of 2016, the New York Post released an article appropriately titled “Melania Trump like you’ve never seen her.” The article featured a full-frontal nude photo of Milania covering her lower bits with her hand. The article was right, we have never seen her like this and with good reason. This photo is from a 1996 photo shoot in Manhattan with a french photographer. Milania was 25 and went by “Milania K”, but that didn’t stop the new york post from exposing Mrs. Trump’s racy photos.





48 hours after Melania’s nude shoot was released on the New York Post website,  the same reporter released images of Milania in some compromising girl-on-girl positions. In this lesbian themed photo, you can see nude Milania being coddled by another nude model. This is going to be a hard one to sweep under the rug, Donald.



From Behind
Just because we haven’t seen enough of this potential first lady in the buff, here’s a nice pic of her bare derriere. This image is from the same photo shoot as her full frontal and it made its way into a French men’s magazine in 1997. These photos were taken three years before Milania met Donald. And we can’t help but wonder if they may have had something to do with the pair meeting.

Nude on Fur
This photo is a hard one to get rid of, as it was the cover shot from British GQ’s piece on Milania. A very naked but beautifully made up melania is belly down on a piece of fur. Her body is adorned with sparkly jewelry which is no contest against her attention stealing cleavage. At the time of this shoot, Melania and Trump were already dating.

The Red Teddy
What’s more patriotic than seeing the potential future First Lady in a red teddy, bent over and giving the camera a sultry look. This shot used to be posted on but Donald has done well to try to keep this one under wraps. Now, when you try to access milania’s website, it goes straight to The website for the Trump Organization.

Ok who are we kidding. We bet Donald just loves having these pictures out there. But do you like to see Milania as the first lady of the United State?


Famous People Such A Racist

As a society, we are still learning to accept each other no matter of backgrounds or ethnicities. Unfortunately, racism is alive and well even in the spotlight. Here are some of the racist celebrities.


Mel Gibson
Word was spreading that Mel Gibson was racist against Jewish people when he was facing criticism for his portrayal of Jewish people in his movie, The Passion of the Christ. Then when Gibson was arrested for a DUI in 2006, he went on a racist tirade blaming the Jewish people for all the world’s wars and problems. Then in 2010, he was caught on tape calling Latinos, “wetbacks.” Unfortunately there are many more comments than that on the list will likely continue to grow.


Paula Deen
Paula Deen was a Food Network celebrity who pretty much had an entire empire that came crashing down after news spread that the southern chef used the n-word and made anti-semitic jokes on a regular basis. There was even video of one of the encounters and Deen even said that she wanted to hire black actors to play slaves in a plantation-style wedding. Deen’s brother also got in trouble for treating their African-American employees poorly and making racial slurs towards them.



Michael Richards
Michael Richards is best known for playing Kramer on the iconic shows “Seinfeld.” However, in 2006, Richards had a racist meltdown after he was harassed by hecklers while doing stand up at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. He called the hecklers the devastating n-word and told security to throw them out. The rant was videotaped and then it went viral, nearly ruining Richards career in Hollywood. He still remains very apologetic over the incident.



Shaquille O’Neal
In 2003 famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal found himself in deep trouble after he offended the Asian community with comments about fellow player Yao Ming. In one interview, he told a reporter tell Yao Ming, ching chong yang wah ah so. While Shaq tried to play it off as a seventy-thirty joke, meaning that seventy percent of the people found it funny while thirty percent of people didn’t. He was declared racist by numerous Asian publications. Eventually Shaq issued an apology.




Tila Tequilla
Tila Tequila is known for tweeting out some pretty ridiculous statements saying things like the earth is flat as well as being a bit racist. Tequilla has tweeted about JLo calling her a “Mexican with money” and most recently, she tweeted about hunting illegals in Texas. She also posted an edited photo of herself in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp dressed up like an SS soldier with a swastika armband and all. Did you know that Tila Tequilla was born in Singapore and her family fled from Vietnam when she was a child?




Charlie Sheen
In March 2015, another nail went in the coffin that is Charlie Sheen’s career. In a late-night tweet, Sheen was apparently upset that President Barack Obama fills out an NCAA bracket, which is something he has done every year. So he posted a tweet to the President calling Obama, Barry Satera Kenya. Obviously the mainstream public was not pleased with a tweet and even more conservative outlets weren’t impressed.



The Gucci Gucci rapper, Kreayshawn shocked the world when she went on a racist tirade on her Twitter account, and her audience was not impressed. Her tweets included statement saying that she wished “Slavery was still going on” and “I don’t need black fans anyway. Y’all don’t buy albums” and “Looks like fucking popeyes just opened up in my mentions. You monkeys got your taxes back already.” After the backlash, Kreayshawn crash on tried to backtrack by saying that her Twitter account god hacked.



seo northern ireland
Hulk Hogan
Followers of the former WWE star were shocked when three sex tapes of Hulk Hogan doing things with Heather Clem, the wife of his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge were released. However, during the recording, Hulk Hogan admitted to Clem that he was a racist to a point and dropped many and words. When it came up that his daughter was seeing a black man, Hogan said that if she was going to have relations with a black man, she might as well get a rich one.



Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is no stranger to the spotlight and making worldwide news with her antics. When she was 18, Paris told Neil Strauss that she wasn’t really into dating black guys and had a one-percent rule when it comes to dating them. She said “I can’t stand black guys, I would never touch one, it’s gross.” Granted this was only in the beginning of Paris’s life in the public, but given that she is an Heiress, one has to wonder if she had any training in dealing with the media.


Donald Trump
Oh, where does one begin with Donald Trump? While he called Mexicans, “rapists and thugs,” as well as calling a judge biased because he was Mexican, he also refused to condemn the white supremacist immediately after he got an endorsement from former KKK leader David Duke. Of course as the United States Election Day loomed closer, Trump was trying hard to clean up his racist reputation and try to paint himself in a more open light.